Simply Superior - Why? What? How? Who? What If?

Simply Superior

WWHWW is a series of conversations between myself, _ Andrew M. Mckenzie_ (p.p. **Simply Superior** ) with people "of interest" - not necessarily people that are agreeable, 'right' or indeed amenable - although these qualities are very welcome! - but who may well be open to the idea of delving deeper into their activities thoughts and being than the normal state of affairs, where the reader or listener is assumed to have no knowledge of the person or their work. These conversations will credit the audience with intelligence, as well as the capacity to seek out more information about the conversation partner, should they desire this. to be perfectly fair, right and proper, here are the same topics as applied to this situation: WHY? I have been long frustrated by the amount of extraneous and irrelevant material in interviews with people I regard as 'important', 'interesting', 'stimulating', and all the rest. At a time where everything is supposed to be capable of understanding by anyone and everyone, the unnecessary padding, reiteration of simple facts and data about the person being addressed or examined, as well as what they do or have done, is to me, totally superfluous. I saw the need to use what brain cells I have left at my disposal (and I use that word advisedly) to have 'meaningful' conversations with people whose views, ideas, opinions, work and manifestation I find of value - and that, in many different ways, and some of them not obvious at all. in these, I saw the possibility of great utility and the chance of tremendous effect to/on others. hence this proposed series. WHAT? Although it is not possible to say that there will be no 'agenda', the conversations will be just that: conversations, and not "interviews." the basic format will be the questions being answered here that you are reading right now, as examples, being brought up with the person involved, at that session. Within that framework, things will go as they need or wish to. HOW? at a mutually agreed time, A.M.M. will speak to the person participating via Skype or similar, according to technological capabilities at the other end. this will be recorded, audio only, and published here. And who am I? WHO? A.M.M. will take care of the verbals, and the list of people is ever-extending and added to as responses come back in. the aim is to speak to people "of interest," which means just that, without judgment as to right or wrong, agreement with ideas or principles, or even like or dislike. what is proposed is a situation where new perspectives can emerge that shed new light on matters for both sides, and then, through this process, to do the same for others. by presenting such conversations with people who are normally interviewed directly for a reason such as the publication of a book, the opening of a new film and so on, these conversations will treat them as people who also wish to explore their own thoughts in a new way. WHAT IF...? ... the conversation goes nowhere? then depending on the quality of the nowhere, it will either be discarded or published. the same goes for the situation where there is evident disagreement, resistance to speaking openly within the suggested parameters, or anything else wrong, as it s not proposed to edit these recordings to make anyone look good. each interviewee will receive a copy of the recording prior to publication, with the intent that should there be unwanted references or inaccuracies in the material, this can be removed if necessary. otherwise, "warts and all," as this is an opportunity to learn something for all concerned, too.

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