The Josh Innes Show was the #1 Afternoon Drive Radio Show in Philadelphia. Josh got fired because management of WIP-FM couldn't handle an afternoon radio show with balls. The radio show now originates from Houston, but this podcast is a gift to the loyal listeners that made Josh's show the most talked about in Philly. "Live From Josh's Couch" is an unfiltered look at sports, politics, pop culture and more. If you know who "Bowtie Skinny Pants" is..this show is for you. If you throw things at the TV when the Flyers lose the game with 5 seconds left...this show is for you. If you remember "Fake Cuz", "No Screen 9 O'clock" and "Merrill At The Movies"...this show is for you. Most importantly, if you hate politically correct nonsense this show is for you.

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