Successfully Authentic: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Dealing with Perfectionism

Mihai Herman: Business Coach, Online Entrepreneur and Blogger

Successfully Authentic Podcast is the place where entrepreneurs come to be their true authentic self, to talk about their biggest fears, how they deal with perfectionism and share valuable lessons on entrepreneurship that can be applied in every business, no matter how big or small. We cover all sorts of topics related to entrepreneurship from productivity and perfectionism to the importance of self-love. Successfully Authentic Podcast, with your host Mihai Herman, features some of the most creative, authentic and successful entrepreneurs of the moment. This podcast was born from a desire of curing perfectionism related to entrepreneurship and showing the real stories, struggles and wins behind successful entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur that comes to this show has a deep sense of purpose and a strong desire to make this world a better place. What makes this show authentic? Its guests and the fact that they only know a few questions in advance, this way they can't prepare and they can be as authentic as possible. My guests come to talk about their story in order to inspire other entrepreneurs like you to keep going, to inspire you that it's possible no matter what your past looked like. Besides talking about their story and answering the question: "what was your biggest fear when you first started as an entrepreneur?", we also go deep into their area of expertise, be it branding, health, fitness, cooking, coaching, writing or anything that could be labeled as "creative". If you're visual, I have good news for you because each episode has a video version on the blog at where you can find more content and resources for creative and inspiring entrepreneurs.

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