Our messages will challenge you. Rise on Fire is a South African YouTube Channel and ministry started by PD van der Westhuizen after receiving a dream from God to teach the nations how to truly walk in the fullness of Yeshua (Jesus) our messiah.We have a mission to restore the unity of Spirit & Truth in Christianity, a return to the way the first disciples lived. This is the 24/7 Christian lifestyle rooted in love, holiness, self-sacrifice, the demonstration of the Spirit - a place free from people, excuses and fear! We have a relentless passion for truth, and we've departed from man-made traditions that separates us from the truth of the Bible and the workings of the Holy Spirit.Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/riseonfireFor more information, articles, or to contact us please visit: http://www.RiseOnFire.com

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