This is a podcast about people. A collection of stories from across the globe. Let's face it, we are all pretty dang busy these days. With a limited budget, and even more scarce vacation days, it can be hard to look beyond your day to day life. We keep hearing the benefits of travel such as the sparks of creativity, the understanding of people and cultures, and the digging into yourself to see whats inside. Although I can't provide everything travel has to offer through the convenience of your earbuds, what I can do is let you meet people you would never normally met. Meet poets in London, chefs in southern Germany, ghost hunters in Seattle, and an architect in Malaysia. They are all here, and generously share their stories so that we can see a different side of life. These are real stories, told by real people, that really live on the same planet we do, and the more people I meet the more I realize that despite our differences we are all just humans trying to survive on the same rock we call Earth. We are all people. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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