The Wireless Way, with Chris Whitaker

Chris Whitaker

Welcome to the Wireless Way, a podcast designed for individuals interested in learning how technology is used to help us all become more efficient and effective leveraging the latest in technology. Each episode we learn about the journey of each guest and how technology has played a part in their adventure.  This podcast is proudly sponsored by Spectrotel. Spectrotel selects from a variety of network and technology providers to design and build customized end-to-end solutions for business moments that matter most. As a next generation aggregator, customers choose Spectrotel because we provide unparalleled choice, unrivaled expertise, and exceptional service. Every business is different, and so too is each solution. The team at Spectrotel are true craftspeople who balance experience and technical know-how to find innovative solutions that are just right.  It's a show tailored for technology advisors and consultants, with a singular aim: to enrich and empower our valued partners. Join us on this journey of growth and learning. If you want to know more about me, I'm on Linkedin at . Check out my website at Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel-

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