Pol and Pals is a podcast where I, Ponyboy Pol, interview my content creator pals who are creating the life they want to live.As someone who is a budding content creator themselves, I occasionally deal with imposter syndrome and laziness when it comes to creating content.After realizing that I had a lot of friends that were also creating content, I became curious about what makes them so special.And I quickly learned... they're just like me.Only thing is, they've figured out what they need to do to STAY CREATIVE.So with the help of my pals, their creative journeys, and words of advice, the goal of Pol and Pals is to inspire other content creators (but really myself) to figure out what they need to do to stay creative.Check out the Pol and Pals newsletter for additional insights from each interview.New episode every other Wednesday.🔗LINKS🔗LEAVE A REVIEWPOL AND PALS NEWSLETTERFOLLOW POL AND PALSFOLLOW POL

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