Gift Biz Unwrapped provides insights and actionable strategies for the handmade product business entrepreneur; Gifters, Bakers, Crafters, and Makers. Sue interviews business owners who have been where you are. They share how they started their business, challenges they faced and advice for those following the same path. Have you thought about starting a business but not sure what it should be? Do you have a craft or hobby that you'd like to turn into a business but uncertain how to go about it? Have you started your business already but it's not progressing as you had envisioned? At the end of each episode, you'll walk away with new ideas, tools, or processes that you can apply immediately to get results. Decide on your business. Learn how to get started. Hear what others do to get customers and increase their sales. When you subscribe to the show, you'll automatically get each new episode on Monday morning. That way you have a fresh dose of inspiration to start your week and increase your small business sales with energy and determination.

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