Intentional Now Podcast is hosted by Kristen Wambach! From the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Answer me this… how does a Baptist farm girl from Oregon, stumble upon the mystical nature of Christ? The Love of God! If you're like me? Jesus has redefined what you use to say yes to!Do you want the short story or the long story? The UnFinished Book will catch you up lickety-split!In this show, I discuss what’s really on the other side of the veil, how I learned and made ascending into heaven a lifestyle, Can we do that?Join me and my guests on a mystical journey, But, before we talk about the spiritual woo-woo, you need to know, I am totally sold out to Jesus. It's amazing what the Love of God reveals! These are issues we talk about often: Miracles, signs, and wonders… heavy on the wonders? How does our sonship fix the heart of creation? Yup, I think we have a little earth clean-up and stewardship to do! And, if you’re also like me, we have huge dreams, that’s where our entrepreneurship kicks into high gear talking about creating resources.  So you need to know upfront: I am an Evernote Expert, create and sell planners, why? That is so easy to answer: The number one key I use on my journey into the mystical nature of Christ is journaling,  Who can put a price on hearing from God? And I don’t misplace a single word!Let’s do this! ​Author | Coach | Podcaster | Entrepreneur | Artist | Wife | MotherThe UnFinished Book ​I love a thought-provoking question! Why?You'll never discover the answer without questioning the impossibilities.Through coaching, #prettyevernotetemplates design-sales, and the podcast, Intentional Now,My passion is helping people refresh their dreams and re-frame the willingness​that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.We add intuitive insight which assists listeners in moving mountains and building bridges.A wife of 37 years, mother of 4 adult sons, two daughters-in-love, and one King Charles Spaniel.​My family all enjoy living in the pacific northwest. Encouragement is worth finding! Especially if their story tells you how to get there. Kristen WambachEtsy Store viaKwambach 

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