Things That Make You Go... Mmm

Karen O‘Connor

JMidlife makes us stop and take stock of life, where we’re at, what we want and what’s important to us. Things that we’ve ignored or never considered before suddenly need look at. In depth. Join me, Karen O’Connor, and my guests each week as we chat about the things that are important to us: health, families, finances, our purpose in life, the community around us and the (state of!) world in general. We cover a bus load of topics that need to be discussed, from what men need to know about menopause to how to plan your own funeral, from style and looking good to how to lose the menopause fat. If you’ve asked the question or thought about something to do with life after 50, you’ll hopefully find a podcast about it here. And if you don’t, message me because it’ll probably be a great topic to cover! Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss a single thought provoking episode:

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