Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419

Dr. Rose Hollo, BCND

My friend, I’m so glad you found your way here. You’re in the right place if: -Your relationships are dictated by PMS, decreased sex drive, and moodiness-You’re a tired mama who needs help prioritizing your needs-You’ve been having a lot of strange and worsening symptoms such as bloating, headaches, hair loss, feeling cold all the time, anxiety, hot flashes, and anxiety-You want to take a natural approach to your health before resorting to birth control pills or hysterectomy-Your faith in a Higher Power has been tested because of the consequences of your health-You’re ready to show up for yourself, with a friend to hold your hand and help you put the jigsaw puzzle of healing together with you. I'm Rose Hollo, A Board Certified (traditional) Naturopathic Doctor. For over a decade, I've been working in the field of mind-body-spirit wellness and am an expert on the intersection of mental/spiritual wellness and hormonal balance. I'm the founder of a virtual naturopathic practice: Golden Ratio Wellness and the creator of the Peaceful Mama Protocol. The older episodes of this show were published under Thrive Tribe 419 podcast: Northwest Ohio's only podcast featuring local experts in wellness, psychology, alternative medicine, and everything mind-body-spirit.Our goal is to connect people living in Midwestern America (specifically NW Ohio) with information and resources to help get out of survival mode and start thriving! We're a little crunchy, but we're not judge-y. Don't just survive. Thrive with your tribe!

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