Welcome to the Wellbeing For Real Life podcast, hosted by Dr Richard Pile, GP specialist in Lifestyle Medicine and Cardiology and author of "Fit For Purpose: your guide to health, wellbeing and living a meaningful life". Have you ever wanted to live life better but found yourself baffled, bewildered and bored by complicated, confusing, condescending advice? This podcast is the antidote. In each episode we talk about different areas that are really important for our wellbeing such as sleep, movement, food, stress and relaxation, relationships, meaning and purpose in life. The episodes are short and practical and each one is a conversation between doctors with a lot of knowledge, experience and practical advice to share. A video version of each episode is also available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7lysAZOvky6O3tw9gjZs8A. You can learn more about Richard and his work here: https://wellbeingforreal.life/

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