The Financial Professional's catalyst to exponential growth.PROpulsion is aimed at ambitious and driven Financial Professionals like Financial Planners, Financial Advisers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Practitioners as well as managers and consultants working in the Financial Services space.We go deep to help these professionals with starting, building and growing their practices, business- and personal branding, marketing and professional selling skills, technical knowledge and skills, suitable technology solutions, and staying informed on industry changes.Too many books, videos and blogs focus on what needs to be done, never sharing HOW to do it... step-by-step.That is what we do in PROpulsion. Through interviewing not only the well-known experts, but also Financial Professionals who are in the thick of building their practices, who have amazing stories to share and who have overcome many different challenges, we help to share the HOW-TO step-by-steps.If you are a Financial Professional wanting to break through to the next level, then PROpulsion is the show you have been waiting for.

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