Where is the best place to buy into the next big thing? The Ground Floor, I’ll tell you that for free. We will do you even one better, were doing the next big thing for free. Crazy I know, but we are men of the people. You know your annoying friend who always reminds you they were the first person to hear a song or watch a TV show before it blows up? Here is your chance to be that friend, because we all know it’s better to be that friend then the other way around. The goal is simple: each episode aims to make the people laugh. For now, it will be short and sweet once a week. So, I invite you to join us for our first time doing it. It may hurt, but from what I understand it’s supposed to hurt your first time, at least that’s what my Mom told me. I’m not promising you laugh for 19 minutes. In fact, I’m not promising anything at all, but if you laugh once, well then was it really that bad?? Don’t answer that. Just listen and enjoy. Cheers.

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