Whether it's about nuclear war, living forever, or tripping balls on LSD, host Zach Grossfeld speaks with creatives, athletes, scientists, and others who do dope shit and want to share what they've learned. No matter the guest, this show will dive deep into their work, life experiences, pop culture, and the unexpected. Past guests include FINNEAS (Music Artist, Songwriter), Mark Normand (comedian), Aubrey de Grey (Longevity Scientist), Eben Britton (NFL, Psychonaut), Andy Weir (The Martian, Project Hail Mary), Brian Toon (Nuclear War Expert), Coleman Hughes (Racial Issues), Ryan Serhant (Sell It Like Serhant), Taylor Burrowes (Dating Coach), and hundreds more. Let's plug in. BONUS EPISODES & PREMIUM ACCESS: https://auxoro.supercast.com/

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