The Talent War Podcast

George Randle

Talent is the #1 issue companies are struggling with - hiring, retaining, growing, and rewarding talent.  Over 80% of C-Suite leaders say that hiring and retaining the talent necessary for their company to survive, and the #1 issue keeping them awake at night.  From assessment and selection to retention and development, promotion and mentorship – we’ll cover the best-in-class methods, brought to you by the best executive talent leaders and talent magnets, to help you win.  The Talent War Podcast will teach you how to develop a talent mindset- the deep belief that your talent is people are the single most important competitive advantage your company can have to win the war for talent.  Join best-selling author of The Talent War, experienced talent executive, veteran, coach, and leader is known for selecting, building, and reorganizing teams to reach their full business potential, George Randle, as he unravels how to transform any organization, regardless of industry, through talent. George has 20+ years of Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience building and coaching elite teams. The Talent War Podcast is sponsored by Talent War Group, a management consulting and executive search firm. We work with your organization to attract, retain, and develop top talent. To learn more, visit a copy of The Talent War book today at,

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