Compared to Who? Body Image for Christian Women

Heather Creekmore - Christian Body Image Author and Speaker

**The Go-to Podcast for Christian women who want to improve their body image and stop comparing themselves to others!** Are you a Christian woman who is tired of the same old answers to your body image and comparison struggles?  Have you "tried everything," yet still feel like your body isn't enough or should be better?  Do you know that "God looks at the heart" or "You're fearfully and wonderfully made" yet STILL feel like maybe God should have made your body better? Bonus: Have you ever prayed for God to zap you skinny? ;) (Your secret is safe here.) If you answered yes to any of the above, then Compared to Who? A Biblical Approach to Body Image Issues is the show for you! Twice a week, we tackle tough topics like feeling out of control with food, body shame, disordered eating, weight loss, aging, dieting, body dysmorphia, body hatred, and more from a practical, grace-filled, biblical, and gospel-centered perspective. I'm Heather Creekmore, author of several books (including a forthcoming body image workbook), speaker, and Christian body image coach. Our approach to body image issues is relatable, authentic, and truth-driven. We hope every episode is filled with grace and hope for your personal struggle. I spent decades battling the scale and the mirror. But, now I help women get free from body image issues so they can stop comparing and start living. Listen to laugh about all the common ways we struggle and find encouragement for our journey. Find out more about Heather Creekmore and the ministry of Compared to Who? or to get Christian body image coaching, visit:  Want to join our podcast community on Facebook? Visit the group here:

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