Alternative Investor Mastermind

Jack Krupey

Most accredited real estate investors have the majority of their wealth in the stock market. Investors are at mercy of the volatility and the unexpected roller coaster of ups and downs. They are unaware of the potential returns and benefits of alternative assets such as private real estate. However, growth can only come if you are open to change and new ideas. Who would have thought that you could earn even higher returns by getting into less-explored aspects of alternative investments?Welcome to Alternative Investor Mastermind, a show that covers unique investment opportunities and the lifestyle they can create. Join informative discussions that highlight passive real estate strategies most financial advisors ignore. Unshackle yourself from the bounds of traditional mainstream investments. Now is the time to open doors to brand new opportunities and create Wealth Without Wall Street.These alternatives have been used by many generations to get richer. They have historically outperformed the 8%-10% returns of what people generally get in the stock market. Yet, these kinds of investments are usually out of the spotlight. Since they are often considered "country club deals", you may not know them.Thanks to the internet age and updated SEC regulations around raising capital, these deals are now available to the public. Learn all about how they can make ordinary investors like you become ultra-wealthy and ultra-connected.If you're an accredited investor interested in maximizing your investing strategy, this podcast is here to help you out. Every episode opens your eyes to information and opportunities you may have ignored. Gather actionable tips about getting into syndication, particularly on doing due diligence. Delve into the world of passive investing by going beyond the typical fix and flip deals and into refreshing strategies. Try out multifamily, self-storage spaces, mobile homes, Bitcoin mining, ATM funds, and beyond.Hosting the podcast is Jack Krupey, an experienced real estate executive for more than 20 years. He is the Founder/CEO of JKAM Investments, a company providing access to private advisory services for real estate and alternative investments.Jack focuses on investment and management of different asset classes. Previously a real estate broker, wholesaler, landlord, and Wall Street employee, he transitioned to offering passive investing opportunities to accredited investors. Throughout his career, Jack expanded his connections. Today, his vast network is composed of long-term relationships with skilled real estate developers, sponsors, and syndicators. Some appear on this podcast to share the valuable lessons from their own investments.Bringing your real estate game to the next level calls for courage to try new things. As an accredited investor, the opportunities around you are limitless. All you have to do is know what to look out for and where. Understanding the full extent of alternatives gives you a head start over other investors stuck with traditional, highly-competitive assets. Once you jump into these not-so-well-known (yet extremely rewarding) deals, do not hesitate to give your all!Join Jack in the exciting episodes of Alternative Investor Mastermind. Listen to the podcast at

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