At ‘No Trespassing 禁区’, I thoughtfully curate, and ‘zoom’ into individuals who have walked the paths less travelled, who do not necessarily fit into the conventional definition of how one should live his/her life in the social contexts they live in. Instead, they dare to stick to their personal values, thriving in their own terms. Some are quietly introspective while some are outwardly provocative - either way, the conversations will be genuine, intriguing, sensitive, blunt or even awkward at times, yet curiously and seriously revolving around the very theme of “Living authentically”. So, if you feel like a rebel, outcast, a stubborn mind, crazy, this is for you; if you are plagued with self doubt, feeling lost, or are compromising in life, this is for you; if you’ve found your path and are seeking reassurance and empowerment to live it out, this is for you. If you are looking for slapstick entertainment, go somewhere else.It's recommend that you are 18 years old and above to listen to some episodes in this podcast. Enjoy the discovery journey.

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