An inclusive podcast focused on queer, disabled, and marginalised creatives and their art, hosted by the Disabled & Queer Artist of the Year, George Parker. Includes the audiobook of dark fantasy Twisted Roots. E-book available on Kindle or as a PDF Twitter: a_george_parker Instagram: a_g_parker Cabinets of curiosities, also known as ‘wonder rooms’, were small collections of extraordinary objects which attempted to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world. These displays, much like Victorian freak shows – and even modern media, literature, medical research, museums, and everyday life – often took fascination with and/or misrepresented anyone who didn’t fit into the (cisheteronormative, white-supremacist, ableist, patriarchal) norm. Both in art and in life, these groups have had stories written about them, while their own stories go unheard. The remedy is to reclaim our narrative and push for representation which authentically shows our communities as they are.

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