The I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast

Bonnie Kirkley

Learn about my adventures in STEM/STEAM and Project-Based Learning when you listen to the I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast. I will share the good, the bad, and the joyful with you on my mission with a team of educators creating the ultimate STEAM certified school! Anything and everything you will ever need to know about STEM/STEAM and project-based learning will be shared right here in the I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast.Hey y'all! I'm Bonnie Kirkley anSTEAM Educational Coach and Consultant. I help Elementary Teachers and Administrators create classrooms that grow STEM or STEAM as a community culture, so that they can foster students who will become creative critical thinkers engaged in Project-Based Learning which allows for deeper insight and understanding to take place across ALL the core subjects. I believe that now more than ever our students need to develop their own creativity, critical thinking, collaboration with peers, and communication skills beyond their comfort zone.-We have all been taking for granted what our students ACTUALLY understand and know for a long time.

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