Destination Entrepreneurs Podcast – prospering on the path less traveled

Hugh Whalan: having fun building businesses in developing countries

The Destination Entrepreneurs podcast offers practical resources alongside inspiration for anyone dreaming of a life and livelihood in an exotic location. Each episode introduces the story of an everyday person who left their 9-5 life behind and set up shop in an exotic location - running businesses such as beach bars in Bali, massage practices near Machu Picchu, and safaris in the Serengeti. Their often hilarious and sometimes heartrending adventures, struggles, and successes in launching profitable businesses around the globe will give you all the information you need to pursue your own dream. You can find more information and resources on moving overseas, setting up a business in a developing country, finding expat communities to connect with, tips on specific industries, selling a business, lifestyle design, social enterprise, changing careers, managing staff, management advice, managing a business overseas, niche businesses, business opportunities, making money overseas, profitable business ideas, simple living, the challenges of living abroad, cool destinations, exotic destinations, how to set up a business with no experience and no money, making a living abroad, visa and legal issues and a whole host of other good stuff and self-help resources at, or

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