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Under the Enclosure with eMotors Direct brings you expert knowledge from industry leading professionals. We`re educating electric motor purchasers, maintenance professionals, contractors, and the like to help them decrease downtime and increase cost savings one episode at a time. Listen to episodes on electric motors, motor controls, gearing solutions, parts & accessories, maintenance best practices, supply chain logistics, and more! Learn about how electric motors run, how to choose the correct motor and gearing solutions for your application, how to implement a preventive maintenance strategy, and optimizing your supply chain to save on downtime. The learning won`t stop there, join us each week as we discover what`s Under the Enclosure. Like what you hear? Leave us a review and include any questions you may have. Submitted questions could be featured on future episodes. Learn more about eMotors Direct and check out our other resources at emotorsdirect.ca.

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