Welcome to EPHPHATHA! The Era of confinement is over, time to be free. It is hard to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel when you are still trapped, however, exploring sharing wisdom and methods with eachother we will find hope, a feeling of expectation, reassuring the greater world that liberation is possible, glory in your crisis, pain to purpose, heart filled with joy, peace through illumination, it start with the readiness to open up, when you open your wounds then you can recieve your healing. If you have been living in fear, self denial, pain of the past etc, and you are looking for liberation to fulfill your purpose then this podcast is for you. Every forthnight, join Kennie Crown, your favourite and passionate host, who believes no one deserve to live in limitation, pain or should remain in any confinement but thrive above it and maximize their God-given potential. As she uses this medium to motivate, educate, inform, impact into freedom, purpose, precision and power. Also interview guests who had rocked the same boat, triumph and fulling their purpose. Ephphatha...propelling you to action!

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