RCR: CRASH! (Clinical Radiology Academics Speaking Honestly)


The RCR CRASH! podcast series is all about Clinical Radiology Academics Speaking Honestly. Join Tom Turmezei, the 2020 RCR Roentgen Professor in a series of discussions with radiologists from across the UK who are all passionate about research. Exploring the motivations, challenges, and rewards of a career in academic radiology there promises to be rich discussion from people at all stages of their research journey. From trainees just starting on the academic road, to those taking time out for their PhD, to inspirational university lecturers, to established consultant radiologists working in the NHS that have developed their own research programmes, the series will tell you all you need to know to crash into academia. Along the way, we find out a little bit more about the individuals with our very own CRASH! Test. Whether you are looking at a career in radiology, want to become an academic radiologist, or just want to discover more about the research programmes that our UK radiologists are leading, then this is something you can’t miss.

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