American Lean Weekday: Leadership | Lean Culture & Intrapreneurship | Lean Methods | Industry 4.0 | Case Studies

Tom Reed: Lean Enthusiast & President of American Lean

Start each workday with digestible nuggets on the benefits of running a lean organization. We cover 5 topics in 5 days in about 5 minutes. 1. Leadership- Discover key concepts for successfully leading your organization during its lean transformation. 2. Culture/Intrapreneurship- Learn how to support your intrapreneurs, those who are driving change within your organization. 3. Lean Topics- Still catching on to lean principles and methodologies? We’ll help you with the basics and advanced topics. 4. Industry 4.0- Learn how smart manufacturing, smart factories, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and more will change the face of business. 5. Interviews- Hear from others that are on their lean journey and learn their secrets to success! Learn more about American Lean at Tom Reed can be reached at

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