Pharmacy Entrepreneur Podcast was created by an Australian Pharmacist Allie Xu to interview and celebrate successful pharmacy entrepreneurs from all over the world. If you are a past, present and future pharmacist and you want to create a business and life you love, this is the message for you: Welcome to the Global Pharmacy Entrepreneur Community. I believe that together we can be emotionally, mentally and physically healthier, create the business and life we love, support global Pharmacy Entrepreneurs and serve the greater community. We are here to network, connect, learn, grow, support, encourage and challenge each other. Please leave your comments, questions, ideas, concerns and business information below. Entrepreneurial Spirit is vital in this fast-changing modern world, especially during this unprecedented time. Not only for pharmacy owners, community, hospital, consulting, compounding, industry, military, medicine information pharmacists but also future and current pharmacy students, pharmacy researchers and Pharmacy academics. At the Global Pharmapreneurs community, we believe that the Entrepreneurial Spirit and mindset can be learnt and developed. Therefore, we provide the platform to support, inspire and encourage pharmacists from all over the world to grow and succeed. Please subscribe to this podcast and find us on Facebook search Global Pharmacy Entrepreneurs.

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