The Freedom Babe Podcast is hosted by Kelly Marcyniuk, a business & energy coach, Gemini, wine lover, and founder of The Freedom Babe. After years of feeling like she was meant for more than a mediocre life and job, Kelly decided to take matters into her own hands and create a life and career that put freedom at the forefront. She's built a multi 6-figure business helping women recognize their worth and step into their power to create their most fabulous, freedom-filled lives... and is on a mission to help you do the same! Whether you're building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly's got you covered. Each week Kelly brings you tools, tips and hacks that will help you align with your highest self and manifest YOUR version of the freedom lifestyle! Topics discussed on this podcast include personal development, business, success, mindset, energy, manifestation, money, life updates, self care, pop culture and more! Follow Kelly on Instagram - @thefreedombabe Check out her website -

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