Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Andrea Johnson

There's a new wave of leaders on the horizon! Everyday, amazing women, who know there's something more - and who go after it. Women who are ready to contribute in new and different ways, making a difference right where they are. Welcome to Intentional Optimists Podcast - the podcast for Unconventional Leaders. Join host, Andrea Johnson - Certified Life Coach and DISC Consultant - each week for actionable tips and advice on how to grow, step up, make a difference and yes - LEAD! You’ll meet inspiring women who are making a difference in their local community, each leading in unconventional and creative ways. Discover how to use your unique interests and skills in your community - to help you become a role model, encouraging, empowering and mentoring other women to do the same. Because here’s the thing - YOU are the answer. YOU are the future of leadership, and the role models for future generations. To learn more about Andrea Johnson and Intentional Optimism, visit, or join the Intentional Optimists Facebook Group, a global community of women helping women.

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