If you are a copywriter or entrepreneur looking to MASSIVELY grow, this podcast will provide actionable insights on how to maximize your success. I’m the host, Stefan Georgi, a Billion-Dollar copywriter, and entrepreneur and I can assure you that this isn’t one of those fluff podcasts. In this show, you will learn actual strategies on copywriting, freelancing, scaling offers, entrepreneurship, mindset, and much more. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on each episode, we’ll share real stories, examples, and we’ll discuss how myself and other brilliant minds from my personal network are starting, growing, and operating their businesses, so you can do the same. If you tune in, you will walk away with something you can implement and that really helps you. Join my email list to get updates on future shows, plus lots of other news and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up here: https://www.stefanpaulgeorgi.com/subscribe/

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