From one of the longest standing national organizations advocating for gun violence prevention, "Red, Blue, and Brady" combines the best of current events and personal narratives, exploring the epidemic of gun violence in America. Survivors, activists, writers, and politicians join for an insightful, and at times humorous, discussion about the country’s love of guns, the repercussions that come as a result, and efforts to find a middle ground within the movement to prevent gun violence. A bipartisan podcast from a bipartisan organization,"Red, Blue, and Brady" presents as much information as they can in relation to gun violence...while still making a few jokes and genuine human connection with one another. With hosts JJ and JP, and an endless series of amazing guests, "Red, Blue, and Brady" is set up for listeners to learn the whys and hows, but most importantly, what is being done and still needs to be done to stop this epidemic.

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