Wondering if those 3 hours of unboxing toys videos is having an effect on your child's brain development? How do we balance virtual learning and regular fun screen use when it feels as though we are online for hours on end? Do my kids REALLY need to get outdoors daily? These are some of the questions that made a mom of 2 preschoolers (4 & 2) seek out answers for. Drawing from her work as a mental health nurse practitioner; Penny distills the scientific and medical data on screen use and makes it relatable to the parent just trying to make dinner and in need of someone to build a fort with the kids. Screens 'n' Kids will provide insight into why, now more than ever, we need to preserve the early childhood years. It will also share practical tools on how we can (and need to) put our phones down and look up more - recognizing that we must still find a "digital sweet spot" for our kids to interact with technology. We will engage with parents navigating these digital waters, leaders in the field of the early years - childhood educators, speech therapists, children's book authors & get to hear from recovered gaming addicts. Listen in every two weeks and lets unpack this thing together.

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