Life Masters

Hosted By Tanya Memme

In a culture that often sees the world as one big competition, people believe that nice guys finish last. This is the absolute opposite! One simple truth remains, and that is our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed. Welcome to Life Masters! Hosted by Tanya Memme, Life Masters is an inspirational podcast about UNBELIEVABLE real life stories of rock bottom to triumph - insanely difficult circumstances, hardships, losses, and failures all the way to success and fulfillment. How did they do it? Listen in to these emotional interviews filled with life lessons and tools needed to transform your life! Life Masters digs deep, and inspires you to look at life differently, it opens your mind up to interesting concepts and allows you to discover life altering secrets. About the Host - Tanya Memme Currently, as the star of the hit home design show “Sell This House” on A&E and FYI Channels, and as a Keynote Speaker, Tanya has traveled across America helping people improve their homes AND their lives. She believes that a home designed with love, lays a powerful foundation to grow a life filled with love and prosperity! Growing up in Canada, all things “home” was born into her at a young age. Tanya’s own family-run business, Mountainview Homes, builds hundreds of homes in the Niagara Region of Canada every year.  With all of her success, Tanya has personally been through a series of ups and downs and literally hit rock bottom a few years ago, which is why "Life Masters” was born. It became her mission to find the secrets and tools that others have discovered to create a life of success and fulfillment. She implemented these tools into her own life and miraculously turned everything around in less than 6 months!    Get to know the most incredible leaders, healers, mentors, scientists, and entrepreneurs to get the real-life story behind their inspiration. Join Tanya Memme with every “Life Master” as they dig deep and share their most painstaking life challenges and obstacles and what they did to overcome it all. Learn the secrets Tanya unveils in each episode to create a happier, more fulfilling and prosperous life!  Master your own life and fast-track your journey to success by helping others to succeed. Tune in to Life Masters with Tanya Memme today! Nice guys don’t finish last. They are winners before the game ever starts.

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