Industry Connected is a real estate news & commentary show for ALL real estate professionals who crave honest, adult talk about the the problems, disruption, and outside threats that we face as a real estate industry, but also the solutions to those threats. Hosted by Dustin Brohm of the Massive Agent Podcast, Industry Connected will have deep-diving, honest and, at times, sobering discussion about the problems and MAJOR disruptive forces facing us as real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. Perhaps even more important, we'll talk about what we can do to protect our industry from those outside forces aiming to disrupt us.Each week we'll interview top real estate industry leaders, producers, executives, and thought leaders who *actually* understand the major shift thats happening right under our feet, while most of us have our heads in the sand.Industry Connected is a call to arms for anyone and everyone on both sides of our real estate industry. We're standing up for both Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers. The show's goal is to strengthen the real estate agent/mortgage lender relationship and help them close more deals together, while helping to improve service for more consumers. If we truly believe that we are the best choice for consumers, then we'd better link arms right now and prove it. But first, we need to know what we're facing.Join us LIVE on our Industry Syndicate FB Page every Friday at 2pm EST for a new live episode of Industry Connected, hosted by Dustin Brohm. Produced by the Industry Syndicate real estate podcast network, the real estate and mortgage industry's first podcast network.

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