Still Curious

Danu Poyner | Grokkist

Curiosity is a powerful gift that too many of us lose as we get older – ground down, beaten out of us or burnt away through our daily encounters with an uncaring world. But some of us still have our curiosity intact. The still curious among us are the ones who are led through life by our interests. We don’t always have a clear destination in mind and we rarely get there in a straight line. We tend to live episodically, looking for what’s interesting and meaningful to us and then throwing ourselves into it with a sense of exploration, energy and wonder for as long it can hold our interest. For Still Curious people, grokking new things is a way of life. We are grokkists. And whether we know it or not, behind our sometimes squiggly careers, we are quietly knitting together all our diverse experiences into a Red Thread, which we unspool to those around us as practical wisdom that enriches whatever practice we happen to be engaged in at the moment. I’m your host Danu Poyner and on the Still Curious podcast, I bring you cosy and engrossing conversations that go inside the rich lived experiences of grokkists from many walks of life as they reflect out loud about the paths they’ve taken and who they have become along the way. Find out more at

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