Welcome to The Cute One: A Nostalgia Podcast, from The Dipp. Chelsea and Donny are highlighting some of their favorite films from their most formative years! LiLo, Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes - the gang's all here as Donny & Chelsea discuss 'Freaky Friday,' 'A Cinderella Story,' 'She's the Man,' and more, with some of the funniest pop culture podcasters and content creators they know.Has Chelsea seen any of these movies? Probably not, but that's okay. Donny is here to educate. They'll laugh, they'll spill some little known knowledge on these classics, and let's face it - they'll talk about themselves. A lot. And, of course, they'll never stop asking... who is the cute one?Follow us on social media! Chelsea: @ohnochels, Donny: @realdonnywood, The Dipp: @thedipp

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