The Wicked K's Podcast

Cool Kyle / Rev Kev

Do you enjoy sports, wrestling and entertainment? How about a podcast filled with laughter and candid banter? If that’s the case, we've got the perfect podcast for you to check out. It’s called the Wicked K’s podcast and the hosts of the show are long time best friends that went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting together and now want to bring their love of entertaining to an audience on a podcast platform. With over fifty episodes recorded already, they don’t plan on going anywhere. Im sure you’re wondering what to expect? You will hear whimsical conversations about the sports and wrestling world, wild games and segments that will give you a good belly laugh, but most importantly you will hear two New England boys that want you to be a part of their world. If all of that interests you, you can visit any podcasting platform and search “The Wicked K’s Podcast” or visit Socials (Facebook,instagram,twitter,youtube) @thewickedks Phone number: (774)764-9074 email: Have fun listening and as they say on the show, “Let’s get Wicked!”