Talking about the real real in working mom life, The Working Mom Mindset addresses overwhelm, career advancement, self care, relationships, communication, parenting and so much more! Natalie Ihde is a 9-5 mom turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping working moms create THEIR perfect life, not the perfect life someone told them they "should" have. Episodes range from quick motivational and how-to chats, to interviews with other moms, real life moms. as well as experts, who provide you with the tools to make amazing changes in your life, and back to short talks about the everyday struggles of being a working mom. Natalie is committed to helping working moms stop feeling like they're "just" anything because they are SO MUCH MORE!! If you need that friend who understands where you're coming from, won't sugar coat topics, and will support you exactly how you need to be supported, then this podcast is for you!

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