Be Fabbo - A Wedding + Creative Business Podcast

Bobbi Brinkman

Thanks for listening to The Be FABBO Podcast, episodes full of candid conversations that speak to the hard truth that it takes more than hustle and luck to be your own CEO. Being a creative entrepreneur & running a business is not all the glam you see on Instagram or reality TV, the truth is it’s showing up every single day, putting in the blood, sweat and yes lots of tears, and oh-- let’s not forget the hard work!! Your host, Bobbi Brinkman, photographer, coach, speaker, wedding industry educator and Diet Mt. Dew Addict (you see why right?) is hitting pause on that hustle and luck myth button. It’s more than getting a really cute website or hanging a bright open sign. Not just waving that magic wand and having all the success, money and clients lining up to hire you! Hope is not a business strategy, and along with her guests, the goal of the podcast is to motivate, educate, and celebrate creative entrepreneurs discussing topics and information that will help get you and keep you in that CEO mindset through these candid conversations. You’ll hear stories from other creatives at different stages along their career journey, sharing the same struggles you have, as well as business insights, tools and foundations that they have in place to keep their business moving forward, not matter what kind of sh*t tries to knock you off your career path! Bobbi wants to challenge you to unapologetically keep showing up to attract your ideal clients, serve them in the most fabbo way while collecting a purpose driven paycheck. Empowering you to create a career that you not only love and are proud of, but also one your clients will love & support even more!

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