Causes Or Cures is a health podcast hosted by Dr. Eeks! You'll most likely find her struggling with fatalism on a park bench with her dog. ;) You can reach her via, her website, and read a bigger bio there. She works in the field of public health as an analyst, with a focus on epidemiology and scientific communications, and is currently consulting on several public health initiatives at the national and international level. She is also the host of the TrialSite News podcast on Youtube & hopes you subscribe. She has an MD and MPH degree, as well a a degree from West Point, the US Military Academy, where she was recruited to play soccer. She hates being inside hospitals, doesn't practice medicine, so don't ask her for medical advice. She loves to write and wrote 2 books: Manic Kingdom, based on a true story, and Yours in Wellness: a satire on the wellness industry. It is also available as an audiobook, which Eeks thinks is much better than the written version!Her ex-boyfriend would tell you that she's on the spectrum.She follows a crazy, strict wellness routine.She is a big believer in the mind-body-spirit approach to health & turning pathos into humor. As untrendy as it is, she believes in a higher power. On this podcast, she features experts in their field, doctors, public figures, researchers, interesting people, "characters", and folks with compelling personal stories, with the goal of discussing hot topics in public health, medicine and wellness. Some topics are more controversial than others, so keep in mind that this is information ONLY and not medical or public health advice. She does NOT endorse any of her guests' views. (If you can't handle that, or believe everything you hear/see is hard truths, please don't listen to the podcast!!!) Causes or Cures is about having conversations, and Dr. Eeks is confident that she can have a respectful conversation with anyone, even people who think far differently than she does. Some people are experts, some people are interesting or intriguing to talk to, and some people are both. She does all the interviews from her apartment via Zoom and does her best to make them sound okay. Most importantly, she hopes this podcast encourages folks to stay curious, empathic, compassionate, open-minded and engaged. Freedom of discussion is a beautiful thing, one that many take for granted.(The views on this podcast do not reflect the views of anyone she works or consults for.)

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