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Tired of feeling undervalued, underpaid, and overworked by your understaffed nonprofit? You’ve been thrust into grant writing and now you can’t stop wondering - Could I possibly break into Freelance Grants Consulting AS A CHRISTIAN ENTREPRENEUR? Could I, once again, feel purpose-driven and fulfilled in my life and work while partnering with God in this process? Is your mind telling you it’s impossible because you’re “underqualified” and “inexperienced”? Do you wonder: Is anyone is actually successful at doing this? If so, they must have some serious connections in the nonprofit world. Are you struggling with how much you should charge as a grants consultant? Where do you get clients and how do you leverage that marketing and branding thing again? Six years ago when our nonprofit was $4,000 in the hole after our grant writer disappeared with our money. I thought to myself: FORGET IT! I’LL DO IT MYSELF! I too know what it’s like to be cross-eyed on page 6 of a “Grants for Business” Google search in an effort to figure this grants thing out. Like you, I fell into grant writing and it turns out, I LOVE IT! The research, the writing that connects head and heart, and the privilege of helping Visionaries advance their world-changing missions. When I first started I too was paralyzed by those questions. So paralyzed in fact that I launched my business TWICE - thinking “Maybe I should take another training!” 5 certifications on my office wall later… Then came the break-up. Between myself and fear that is. I re-launched my business and now I have the freedom to choose who I want to work with-or not! I have the flexibility to spend more time with my four growing children! And there’s no co-workers around to give me dirty looks when I’m blasting Andy Mineo while cranking out a business grant narrative at midnight. As a Grants Consultant, Freelance Coach and fellow Perfectionist I teach aspiring grants consultants how to break into freelance grant writing, grow their grant writing knowledge, and step into a purpose-filled life. Nothing for Granted is full of (tactical tips and tricks for aspiring freelancers including: 6 tactical things that are in this podcast Navigating the grants process as a solopreneur Time Management as a Freelance Grants Consultant Tools and Resources for Work-Life Balance Praying over your Business Overcoming limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome Partnering with Holy Spirit daily in entrepreneurship This podcast for you if you are D-O-N-E with living in the mundane, want to crush your limiting beliefs, and are ready to start and scale your freelance grant writing business. Divine Connections happen here > Want to Share Your Story or Have a Question? > Does your nonprofit need help securing grants to scale your impact? Know what you want to do in your business but not sure how to articulate it? Work with me! >

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