This podcast features lessons learned from Scott Bryant-Comstock's Kundalini Awakening. One aspect of Scott's awakening is the spontaneous writing of poetry - typically early in the morning. A word or phrase appears, and from that, Scott gets out of the way and the pen takes over. In this podcast, Scott shares those poems and digs for the deeper meaning of the words written - for himself as well as for you. Each episode offers the opportunity for your own self-reflection on the journey to increased awareness and improvement. More about the host, Scott Bryant-Comstock: For the past 40 years, my journey as a mental health advocate has spanned working at a suicide and crisis center, as a therapist in an outpatient clinic, an in-home family therapist, a state mental health official, Board Chair for a county mental health program, and a national reviewer of children’s mental health systems reform efforts. As the Children’s Mental Health Network (2009) founder, I lead the Network’s efforts to grow a national online forum for the exchange of ideas on how to continually improve children’s mental health research, policy, and practice. Through it all, I remain optimistic that the voice of advocates can, and will, be heard. We need strong advocates now, more than ever! In 2019 I had a Kundalini awakening, which dramatically changed my life for the better and put me in touch with the universe in a way that I had not realized before. I’m walking this earth to be of service to others. I am a seeker, not a teacher – join me on the journey!

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