Started in August 2017, Startup4Chinese's mission is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and CONNECT entrepreneur minds not only among Chinese but beyond. We want to inspire your passionate entrepreneurship spirit, empower your brilliant startup idea, and connect you with your future reliable partner. We value Openness. We provide Pragmatic topics. We want to help you Succeed! Any questions? Please feel free to contact Bryan: Startup4Chinese,成立于加拿大多伦多,致力于联结华人创业者与各个族群中的聪明才智,弘扬华人创业者的创业激情,赋予华人创业者更大力量。Startup4Chinese 主张开放心态,锐意开拓进取,注重脚踏实地,让我们一起享受创新、创业的过程。 Support this podcast:

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