Welcome to Fowl Players Radio- the Official Podcast of The Fowl Players of Perryville! This Podcast is an oral history of art, music, entertainment, and pop culture featuring interviews that tell the stories of those who made it happen. Authors, artists, musicians, actors, directors, filmmakers, media personalities- you name it, we've got it! Stop by and check it out!Let's have some fun!Hosted by Actor/Musician Michael Spedden.Fowl Players Radio is a production of The Fowl Players Group.For more information on the Fowl Players of Perryville- information, bookings, etc., you can contact us at fowlplayersperryville@yahoo.com www.fowlplayersofperryville.com 443-600-0446 For more information or to contact Michael Spedden michaelspedden@yahoo.com 443-600-0446

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