What dream do you have that’s so big, others call it impossible? It seemed impossible to land on the moon — until we did it. It may seem impossible to scale an abundance of land, medicine, education, creative freedom, clean water, energy — until we do it. The limits to what our species can achieve are bound only by our imaginations. Internationally renowned entrepreneur and thought leader Naveen Jain created the Moonshots Podcast to bring you living examples of people who are solving the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. His goal is to help you develop your passion into obsession, pursue your purpose, and make your mark on the world. The internationally renowned founder of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace, Naveen sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact. He and his guests will inspire you to do the same — and, show you how. Subscribe to Moonshots for a new paradigm-shifting conversation every week, wherever you listen. www.moonshotspodcast.com

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