Challenging past and future "head stories"; Lovingly Leaning into our edges; and Surrendering to reality one episode at a time. Here on Presence Podcast, you've discovered the access point to life's ultimate hack. Presence is...everything. Presence is the doorway to love. "I've experienced a brush with death that propelled me deep into the now. It is impossible to find who we really are using our minds to analyze the past. By surrendering every thing we think we are right about, and accepting everything AS IT IS, and the completeness and wholeness of the NOW, we discover who we really are. It is in this place of presence, free from reliance upon the ego/mind for rightness, we are finally able to let go of our choice to suffer our insecurities, anxiety, depression, cravings, insanity, violence within, etc. It is here in the now we find TRUE love. It is here we accept our togetherness. It is here we discover it is always now, and we are all connected as one. The more presence within I surrender to, the more gratitude I feel, the more I see EVERYTHING is here to help me, and the more I love you completely. Any form of resistance to this truth, is self-sabotaging and sets me/us up for suffering. These are the main reasons I am sharing the Presence Podcast with you. There is beauty ALL around, visible only when it is witnessed within." -Kenn Sullivan

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