collective formed to promote the broken beat, nu jazz, Afro Deep House and all the good soulful sounds scene in Switzerland, and also starting to produce music and spread it. The collective is composed by Ruben Estevez, Patrick Gudel, Rade Marinkovic and Fabien Perler Ruben started as a DJ back in 1994 in Lausanne, Switzerland, spreading a various selection of sounds from hip hop to soul funk and electronic, progressing to sounds of drum and bass and broken beat/nu jazz. In the same period Rade was evolving in the Hip Hop movement since mid 80's, raping with the Lausanne Family (Sens Unik, Xtra Bass System and L.A.W), performing in various concerts troughout Switzerland (Lausanne - MAD, Dolce Vita, Bern -Stufenbau, Zurich - Rotes Fabrik, Montreux Jazz Festival, Paleo and Leysin music festival), and performing on stage with various legendary names of the Hip Hop scene such as I.A.M, Naughty By Nature, Guru - Gangstar, The Roots, and more. Later on he was part of the Tuff Times Music Magazine, promoting the Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk scene in Switzerland and abroad. It's during the 90's, when Ruben and Patrick organized Loco Local parties in Lausanne area, very well known spot for all the clubbers in need of inspirations, discoveries and good massive soundz, that they meet Rade, and since then a new friendship and collaboration was born. From 1996 to 1998, Ruben's first gigs were in the D! Club in Lausanne as resident Dj alongside Alex Attias introducing Drum And Bass heavyness in the area. From 1998, Ruben organized Metalheadz, Full Cycle, and V Recordings events in the new LoftElectro Club of Lausanne, mixing with various big names of the drum and bass scene such as : Calibre,Bailey,Ray Keith, Source Direct, Hiden Agenda,Goldie,Marky, Kemistry and Storm, J Majik, Ed Rush & Optical, Doc Scott, PM Scientist, and more... As from 2000 and later, came oportunities to mix troughout the world : Costa Rica, Mexico City, Spain, Serbia, London, South Africa Soweto,Ghana Actually the collective organize Events with Broadcite Music ,Afronaut Bugz in the Attic in Switzerland , is starting to produce their own tracks, and soon their latest tracks should be available. Stay tuned for more to come!

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