Casa De Confidence Podcast

Julie DeLucca-Collins

If you are ready to grow your confidence and be inspired and empowered, these real honest conversations about life, business, and relationships will help you be transformed. If you are ready to achieve more without the overwhelm, using tangible tools and resources to take action, this show is for you. If you want to be motivated, at peace, and full of happiness as you reach your goals, this podcast is here to help you in the journey and create the life you LOVE. Join #1 Bestselling Author Julie DeLucca-Collins and her #handsomehothusband Dan, the hosts of Casa De Confidence share stories of individuals from all walks of life who are of different ages and stages and have unique stories. The one common thread between our guests is that they have embarked on the path to go after their dreams. These dreamers have failed, learned, and ultimately triumphed to walk confidently and live their imagined lives. Take a journey to learn what it takes to Go Confidently and reach your dreams.

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