Join international PTSD recovery coaches Kayleen Wright & Brad Schipke each Monday as they cover all things PTSD. From relationships, anxiety, depression, and sleep problem to true full healing. Teaching you what you need to do to eliminate PTSD from your life completely and how to repair the damage it‘s caused. Kayleen personally suffered from CPTSD for 17 years and is now fully recovered and living the life people said was impossible. Kayleen dug out from the darkness of rock bottom, created a process to heal, and now shows people all around the world how to heal themselves through the Broken to Unbreakable program. Brad suffered the consequences of Kayleen‘s unhealed PTSD as well as his own PTSD and has too climbed out from the darkness of rock bottom. Together, Kayleen and Brad have not only healed all their PTSD symptoms but have also achieved sobriety from their addictions, repaired the damage PTSD caused their relationship, and created a life filled with joy, love, passion, peace, excitement and so much more. More than anything else in the world, Kayleen & Brad want you to know that you CAN heal your PTSD. They believe it‘s possible for everyone and are committed to making full recovery a reality for everyone who wants it. ”Even if you don‘t believe in yourself, we do. You can do this, and you do deserve this.” - Kayleen

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