The Special Needs Mom Podcast

Kara Ryska

Think of this podcast as your very own special needs mom support group--except it's helpful and fun! You will leave with the hope that you can have a super happy life even when your life includes parenting a medically complex child or a child with something like autism and ADHD. You likely didn't ask to be the parent of a disabled child or to live portions of your life in the hospital NICU or PICU. Your story is unique; it’s hard to find a place where you belong or where you don't feel so isolated and alone. Your child might have a rare disease, be undiagnosed or experience something that almost everybody has heard of like Downs syndrome yet the weird thing is that whether your child has an intellectual disability or physical disability, the experience as a mother is so similar. So regardless of your child’s disability, we can all find a home in this community.You find yourself managing everybody else's needs; your child, their siblings, and all the guilt that you have about that. All this has you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and dizzy---not knowing who to turn to or what to do next for help. This podcast is your lifeline, you’ll find encouragement and inspiration as we connect to other moms’ journeys. We’ll get practical and look at what it takes to stop feeling so stuck in your life.You know this podcast is for you if you find yourself googling:Overwhelmed special needs mom helpHow to do self care as a special needs mom?Dealing with anger as a special needs momHow to manage special needs mom burnout and stress?How do I deal with mom's guilt?Help for myself as a special needs momHow do I cope with a disabled child?How do I manage the grief of my medically complex child?How to keep from drowning as a caregiverSupport group for special needs mom or community for caregiversI'm tired of taking care of my special needs childFinding balance between my child’s needs and my own mamas needsRespite and rest for special needs moms

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